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Mark Wallace Ministries

About Us

Mark Wallace has been in ministry for 34 years, serving two congregations for about 26 of those years. For the past 10 years him and his family have been traveling & ministering across the United States, encouraging local pastors & congregations. Mark has also traveled on 45 mission's trips to 8 different countries outside the US. After a 5-year hiatus from overseas trips, look for those travels to begin again soon! They have recently relocated their family & ministry to North Carolina!

Here is the new mailing address: PO Box 3176, Thomasville, NC, 27361. 

Mark Wallace Ministries at a Glance

Affirming Identity

Revealing the Kingdom & transforming lives by renewing minds isn't just a tagline, it's the heart of this teaching ministry!

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Mark Wallace Speaking Calendar

Contact us to schedule Pastor Mark for your event

Upcoming Ministry Engagements:

 - Sunday, July 7th

Lighthouse Tabernacle

184 Front St, Warrenville, SC. 10:00am. 

Pastor Terry Taylor


- Sunday, July 14th

Grace Community Fellowship

6525 Schooners Rd, Bailey, NC. 10:00am

Pastor Pam Denton

May 15th, Wednesday, 6:30pm

Rocky Top Worship Center, 160 Straight Way, Rocky Top, TN. Pastors Chris & Michelle Tackett

May 19th, Sunday, 9:30am

Olive Grove Church, 429 McKoy St, Clinton, NC, Pastor Russ Emanuel

May 26th, Sunday, 10:30am, Kingdom Vision Ministries, Thomasville, NC, Pastors Randy & Mary Parris. 

June 9th, 10:00am, God's Glory Tabernacle International, 5885 Hwy W, Anderson, MO. Pastors Bill & Angela Hackworth

Previous Ministry Engagements:

April 14th, Sunday

Gospel Life Fellowship, Hastings, Nebraska. Pastors Doc & Melanie Davis

March 6th, Wednesday, 6:30pm, The Secret Place Community Church 

2611 N. Martin Luther King Ave, OKC, OK

Bishop Ilinda Jackson

March 10th, 10:30am 

TrueVine Worship Center

188 S. Shady Rest Rd, Statesville, NC. 

Pastor Josh Bunton

March 10th, 6:00pm

Multi-church worship event

Life Church Fellowship

601 Sullivan St, Thomasville, NC

Pastor Garland Routh

Bishop Steve Rich

{Pastors Randy & Mary Parris of Kingdom Vision}

March 17th:

- 10:00am 

Church of God of Prophecy, 4916 Venable Ave, Charleston, WV

Pastor Seth Fleming

- January 21st: 10:30am

The Refuge Church, Denison, TX. Pastor Larry Goodwin.

- January 21st: 2:00pm

True Worshipers Global Worship Center

1404 Hebron Parkway, STE 100, Carrollton, TX.

Apostle Margelee Hylton

- January 24th, 7:00pm

The Olive Branch Christian Fellowship, 1101 Columbus Ave, Waco, TX. Pastor Rick Ogles

- January 28th: 10:00am

Living Hope Church of DeRidder

1708 Hwy 112, DeRidder, Louisiana

Pastor Kevin Coward

- February 7th: 6:30pm

Way Family Church

1801 S. Kelly Ave, Edmond, OK

Pastor Joshua Jones

February 10th & 11th, Life Tabernacle Church, 702 E. South Mountain Ave, Phoenix, AZ. Pastor DC McDaniel

-6:00pm on Saturday -11:00am Sunday

--> November 26th, Sunday, 9:30am, Dispatch Christian Reformed, Dispatch, KS

March 5th: Souls For Christ Ministry, Apostle Mark & Pastor Glenda Johnson,  

11:00am, 3101 NE 8th, OKC, OK

March 12th: 10:00am, Breakout Ministries, 902 S. 9th, Chickasha, OK.

Pastors Aaron & Mindy Bird


March 12th: 6:00pm, Generations Church, 130 S. Oklahoma Ave, Shawnee, OK. Pastors Joe & Von Taylor 


-> March 19th & 26th: 9:30am

Dispatch Christian Reformed, Dispatch, KS.

April 23rd: 10:30am, Kingdom Vision Ministries Global, 401 E. Main St, Thomasville, NC. Pastors Randy & Mary Parris

April 23rd: 6:00pm, Life Church Fellowship, 601 Sullivan St, Thomasville, NC. Pastor Garland Routh & Bishop Steve Rich

April 30th: 10:00am, Lighthouse Tabernacle, 184 Front St, Warrenville, SC. Pastor Terry Taylor

May 3rd, 7:00pm, Grace Life Church, Pastors Jamie & Lisa Wright. 93 Joy Ln, Culloden, WV

May 5th, 7:00pm, Thomasville, NC, "A Kingdom Night of Worship"

May 7th: 10:00am, Southside Baptist Church, Thomasville, NC. Pastor Jason Craver


June 4th, 10:00am, Secret Place Community Church, OKC, OK. Bishop Ilinda Jackson


-> June 11th & 18th, (both Sunday mornings), Dispatch Christian Reformed Church, Dispatch, KS. 9:30am

July 16th, Generations Church, Pastors Joe & Von Taylor, Shawnee, OK. 11:00am

July 21st, Church in the home of Mike & Ruth Lightfoot. 6:00pm. 4535 South Lava Springs Loop, Nampa, ID. 83686


July 23rd-25th, Worldcast Summer Conference with Harold & Linda Eberle, Yakima, Washington 


August 20th, Ignite Church Global, Pastor Torrey Montgomery, 4322 N. Western, OKC, OK. 


August 27th, Lighthouse Worship Center, Pastor Richard Young, 5926 Sissonville, Dr, Charleston, WV.

August 30th, Wed PM, Church of God of Prophecy, Pastor Seth Fleming, Charleston, WV

September 1st, Friday, 7pm, Thomasville, NC. (More details coming soon)

September 2nd, Sunday, Upper Room of Indianapolis, Pastor Jeffrey Pitts

Ministry Partners Help Make It Happen

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We're honored to have ministry partners from around the globe who believe in our message and carry our same passion to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, from a New Covenant perspective. Thank you! 

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Living Life in 3DDeterminations, Decisions, Decrees

If we're to become mature believers, disciples who understand the Fathers mission to us -- in us -- through us, we must be committed to these three things:
1. A foundation of accurate Theology, which establishes us positionally.
2. A worship/prayer life that produces spiritual encounters, which saturates us experientially.
3. A commitment to community/connection with other believers, which celebrates diversity and cultivates unity.

-That three-fold cord is not quickly broken, but an overemphasis on any one of the above three, while forsaking the others, leads to:
* inaccurate or unbiblical beliefs, based on traditions, not truth.
* shallow roots, unable to withstand life's storms.
* denominational divisions & schisms.

I believe that it should be part of our normal Christian life, to ascend into Heavenly places and encounter the Lord.

  • Jesus told Nicodemus and the others, in John 3:13 

  • No one has ascended into heaven except the One who descended from heaven—the Son of Man.

The veil was still intact at that moment because He hadn’t gone to the cross yet, much less…ascended back to the Father…in a literal sense.

In fact, the veil in the Temple in Jerusalem, was really a type or picture of the “real veil” that was causing the identity crisis in humanity;

that was the veil that lay over their minds, still enforced and empowered by the Old “Mosaic” Covenant. 

It was the condemnation that flowed from performance-based thinking; condemnation is the poison from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.

When Jesus was crucified, Scripture records the “heavy veil” in the Temple, was ripped from “top to bottom”, opening the way into the Holy Place.

The writer of Hebrews would explain it in Hebrews 9...

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